Squid is very easy to install.

✓ Quick

Squid can be installed in four easy steps.

✓ Quiet

No need for any drills or hammers.

✓ Clean

No cleaning required after the installation.



Fancy rolling up your sleeves? Make sure you follow the instructions in our manual. We explain what you need and what to do to install Squid correctly, step by step.

Squid is produced in rolls that are 130cm wide. Please make sure you include an extra overlap of 5cm on all sides so that you will have enough material to cut the edges off neatly.



Do you want to see it with your own eyes first? Then have a quick look at our videos to see a step-by-step demonstration of how best to install it in your home. The roll width is 1m30. Is 130cm too narrow for your window? See how to position two strips next to each other with hardly any visible joins on our installation page.

Instructional video for small and normal surfaces

Instructional video for large surfaces